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Guild is now on Shadowlands. Guild name: Lego My Wookiee (notice 2-e's). We also have new TS info listed in the forums or contact one of us in the game.

Welcome to Lego My Wookie!

If you have any questions about the Raid schedule please contact the raid organizer Olinn.

Rough Raid Target Stats:
EV SM: Main Stat > 1300
KP SM: Main Stat > 1400
EV HM: Main Stat > 1500
KP HM: Main Stat > 1600
EC SM: Main Stat > 1800
EC HM: Main Stat > 2100

Please keep in mind that the raid is more enjoyable and has a higher chance for success if everyone attempts to meet these guidelines for main stats. That usually equates to less arguing, less deaths, and lower repair bills. With this in mind, I will try to schedule some raids with specific people in mind for certain Tank/Heal/DPS spots and I may open up some raids to sign-ups. While we may not follow these guidelines strictly for selecting raid members, meeting the required stats will improve your standing in selection.

And please keep an eye on the raid schedule! I may place you into a raid and not get a chance to talk directly to you. Either way, please check the calender and RSVP to me about your availability so we can adjust as necessary. 
With that being said, be patient, we will get you all into raids. 

PS - I will try and release raid schedules weekly on Sunday/Monday night. A raid week will be from Tuesday-Monday Night.
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Curador Sam, Apr 2, 12 5:39 PM.   Power leveling you CrewSkills

FYI - I will keep the Lego My Wookie on Darth Bandon until June 25 (Monday). That night I will have to disband it so we can transfer the remaining aspects of the Guild Bank over to Corellian Run.
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